February 2023 Event - In Partnership With VIMFF

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Right at the end of February we've managed to sneak in another event. This time, we opted to support the local BC environment by helping to protect our old growth forests. We did this by donating all profits from this event to the Ancient Forest Alliance, which is a non-profit that works to maintain the BC woodlands. Many thanks to Alan Formanek, director of the VIMFF festival, for hosting this event and supporting our mission. Together, we managed to raise over $300 for this cause!

Why did we choose to support the local BC environment for this event? Because it's where we live, play, and laugh. It's our responsibility to maintain the land that we use. That's why we teamed up with VIMFF for this one, because VIMFF is all about exploring the great out-doors, and building stories on the land that we're given. It only makes sense that if we rock climb, hike, bike, and explore the land we have, that we should maintain it as well.

We're looking forward to working more with Alan and VIMFF in the future. We're also very excited for next months event, which is going to represent a whole new direction for the company. I hope you'll join us!

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  • I was there! Great product, and well done!

    phil on
  • Nice. Looking forward to the next event, sounds like it’ll be interesting… ;)

    sharky on
  • This is super cool stuff, keep it up!

    Lysa on

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